Mysteries by Moushey was born in 1985 when I was hired to write and present an interactive mystery for New Student Orientation at Kent State University. This was a huge hit and word traveled fast, ultimately leading to a 12-year engagement at the Akron Civic Theatre, where we performed twice a year for up to 600 eager sleuths. Other gigs followed, and soon we were presenting our interactive comedy-mysteries for company parties, fund raisers, and just plain old fun! A partial list of clients and their “reviews” can be found here. We still perform, in a limited geographical area. If you’d like info about using our troupe of actors, please drop us an email. We’ll send a packet of material, including letters of reference.

As the number of performances grew, the number of scripts in our repertoire grew as well, and other theatre groups and schools began requesting permission to produce. So, in 1998, we began offering scripts and production packages to outside producers. Now, groups all over the world have produced Mysteries by Moushey and keep coming back for more! We hope you will join them!

Eileen Moushey is a freelance writer/director. Besides MBM, Eileen also writes and directs commercials, video scripts, and educational television programs. She is a two-time regional Emmy winner for writing.

Eileen has been active at Weathervane Playhouse for over 30 years as a volunteer, director, and Trustee. She served as President of the Board and steered two major fund raising drives that raised a total of over 2 million dollars.

Eileen lives in Kent, OH with her husband Stephen. They have three children and two grandchildren.