Customer Testimonials


“It is so satisfying that audiences enjoyed the play so much that they asked for it to be repeated! Thanks again for your continued support and keep writing those audience-pleasing murder mysteries.”

“We just wrapped up REUNION AT HIPPIE HIGH at the Zanesville Salvation Army on Friday. HUGE success! We were approached about doing the same show this Saturday, May 15. We had such a time with it, the actors are very interested in another go at Hippie High! We had grandma’s in tie-dye having the greatest time! From kids to kids at heart…they were all laughing. Thanks a bunch! Folks on and off stage just had a ball with it.”

“The demand was so great, we are doing an encore performance of “Funeral for a Gangster.” What a great show! My actors decided to do it with “Guys and Dolls” accents, to great effect. We are already looking forward to doing another of your shows next year.”

“. . .everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. I had several people tell me that they came out of a sense of loyalty and had the most fun that they’d had in years at a fundraiser. I have to say I was one proud Momma Hen.”

“…I just wanted to let you know that our dinner theater production of ‘Audition For Murder’ here in Eagle River, Alaska, was a rousing success. We sold 290 tickets over four nights. Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely and have asked if we’ll be doing another next year. It was incredibly easy to stage and adapt to different sized audiences. The clue hunt was a hoot and the audience really got into getting on stage and ‘auditioning’! We are now in the process of deciding which one to try for next year!…”

“…we sold out for the Friday night performance in half and hour. People were lined up at the door and purchasing one, two, and even three tables at a time. Sunday’s performance was sold out by 12 noon on Tuesday…”

“…We did ‘Murder Medium-Rare’ last month. I have to tell you the cast and I had so much fun with it. It was a smash hit here in our little town. We only did 4 performances and sold out every night except the first one. People were calling me at my home asking for tickets!”

“…’Wake The Dead’ was a sell out and a big hit. Actually the feedback we got from patrons was that it was the best MM we had staged to date! We were all very pleased. It didn’t matter how many times we rehearsed I was always in fits of laughter! Great play!!…”

“We have performed five zany Moushey murder mysteries and two delightful children’s plays….all to capacity crowds. My students LOVE them and they learn a great deal about both character development and improvisation in the process. Eileen’s sense of humor is terrific; her dialogue is snappy; her shows are able to be staged flexibly AND her clue packets drive Oberlin audiences into wild frenzies of detecting. Yes, ‘Moushey’ is a name well known in our town and we plan to keep it that way! Thanks, Eileen, for many hours of fun!”

“. . .I’m thrilled to tell you that the show was highly successful! We’ve had nothing but positive feedback and our audiences had a wonderful time. . .The entire cast had a ball prior to the show, mingling with guests and REALLY getting into character. . .Your company has been excellent to deal with, and we definitely plan to keep Mysteries by Moushey in mind for any future dinner theatre performances.”

“I am writing this letter to thank you for your script. It was such a hit!!! The audience was laughing nonstop. We did the “The Great High School Whodunit” and it fit our setup perfectly with minimal scenery and all. Everything we needed was in your instruction booklets and instructions. Also, we added in a little piano accompaniment and our piano player made 15 dollars in tips (we put up a little sign that said she would give clues for tips.) Everything went great in our FUNdraiser. The cast had a great time and so did the audience. Everyone is asking about next year already! This is a great idea! Thank you so much. We are definitely doing this again next year, you will hear from us soon about next year’s script.”

“This was our third audience participation murder mystery, and our second Moushey script. It’s become such a good fund-raiser that we’re moving to a larger facility next year to accomodate all the ticket requests – we’ve been turning people away.”

“IT WAS A SMASH!!!!. . We had to turn away a lot of folks that waited too long to make their reservations, because we had to have a count for the caterer and we have a stringent occupation limit on the hall from our county fire marshal for different events and seating arrangements. We were sold out 2 weeks before the performance. Enough said that we grossed over several thousand dollars for our Post and Community Service work.”

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for writing these fun pieces and for giving me this wonderful hobby that brings so much laughter and fun into my life and to the lives of the other performers and, of course, the audience.”

“We had a great time performing the Great High School Whodunit. We did the clue hunt with several hundred. The students had a wonderful time. The parts were characters they were intimately familiar with, and thereby could succeed fairly easily. We were able to cast some students that normally would be unable to carry a part, because… well, it was them! The adults had a great time, too. We made more money than ever before. The clue hunt was a blast. We have had other audience participation mysteries before and for most of them, frankly, unless you read the script, there was no way you could figure out the murderer. Yours really required thought, and was challenging for many, but not so hard that they got discouraged, and always fun. We followed your advice in the handbook and everyone won something. They all left happy. It also allowed for lots of kids to be involved (even though there were not many parts, we added a whole raft of cheerleaders that organized a pep rally that was fun, and added musical entertainment to entertain the audience while everyone waited for the Dudleys to arrive. Your versatile script allowed for so many fun posibilities. You are a wonderful playwright.”

“Another rousing success for A.C.T. and Mysteries by Moushey. We performed My Fatal Valentine last evening to a sold out audience. In fact people were so delighted they already were buying tickets to our next production.”

“Your play THE GREAT HIGH SCHOOL WHODUNIT was a hit with Mogadore Troupe 255. This type of play format is ideal. The students don’t have too many lines to memorize, they have the opportunity to ad-lib, and the audience’s attention is not hard to keep.”

“It was fun watching the cast interact with the audience as they searched for clues in the hallways of the school. The lasagna dinner before the show allowed the audience to get into the show even before it started. I appreciated all the production notes, helps, and handouts – they helped things run a lot smoother.”

“Your play was a big hit and we’re looking forward to hopefully doing another next year.”

“Thank you for your gift of writing. Our congregation loved “Dr. Pepper” and had an elegant evening of laughter, mystery, and good fun. We were able to raise enough money to support the on-going expenses of our transitional housing for the homeless in Medina.”

“Your play was so appealing to our audience and our space is limited enough we had to put on a Saturday and Sunday performance. What a success!”

“It was a great success! We had a sell-out crowd and folks are still calling to say how wonderful it was. We raised $10,000 for our drug prevention work and have planned two more performances for this month. Thanks for sharing your creative talents with us.”

“Just a brief note to tell you what a wonderful experience we had with your play, SEANCE. My students enjoyed the broad parts you had written almost as much as the audience. It was a great fundraiser, because almost the entire stage crew was able to get involved in the process. We had clue runners, people to help the caterer, people to help the audience — everyone felt important. I had some great reactions from the audience. They liked the fact that it wasn’t ‘just a play’, that they could get up and move around during the clue search. They can’t wait to do it again.”

“What a success!”

“I loved directing these shows. More importantly, my students had a great deal of fun while gaining valuable experience”

“Thank you so much for a wonderful script, easy directions, technical help and support. . .your mystery was the perfect drawing card. We had a sell-out crowd”

“We ran three nights, all sell-outs. We had a ball, as did the audience!”

“Maintaining character for 3 hours and beyond the scripted lines was invaluable to my students (as well as great fun)”

“Our tickets, 140 in all, sold out in 20 minutes!”

“Thank you so much for the use of your script, DEAD AND DEADER. The show was a resounding success and everyone involved was ecstatic about it!”