Another Thank-You Special Deal – and it DOESN’T expire!

We love our existing customers. But we also love getting NEW customers.

That’s why we’re initiating a new, ongoing Special Deal.

Existing customers can earn a 15% royalty discount on their next order by referring a friend or organization who places an order.

(Um, and pays for it!)

Ask your referee to write your name and organization on the order form. And drop me an email so I know it’s coming!

Annual 5-then-$50 Royalty Deal!

If, within a calendar year, you pay 5 performance royalties, your royalty for the rest of that year* are


It pays to plan ahead! If you prepay 5 performance royalties at your regular rate in January, you’ll be locked in at the $50 rate for any additional performances or shows throughout the year. Please remember that we NEVER make you pay for canceled performances, so this is a no-risk offer!

This royalty reduction is not on the order form. If you are approaching your SIXTH performance within a calendar year, please contact Eileen directly.

* Each January, the rate reverts to $75/performance until your 5th paid performance.

Theatre Festival & Convention Organizers

Moushey Mysteries are the perfect entertainment for your event.

They can be performed with dinner, as an ongoing activity OR anything in between!

And, best of all, they can be presented for next-to-nothing!

If your event will be attended by representatives of individual theatres, we will waive performance royalties. We’ll send the production packet for that show and the Production Manual as well as offering phone/email support.

All you have to do is pay for scripts ($6/each) for your actors and provide us advertising space in your convention booklet or program.

Contact Eileen to arrange a royalty waiver and permission to produce!

Theatre Competitions

If you’re looking for a unique, crowd-pleasing show to enter in a thespian competition, we can offer the same deal!

Again, contact Eileen to arrange royalty waiver and permission to produce!

The Nasty Flu Bugs Go DOWN!

This is a very short (10-15 minutes) play about good health habits for children. It can be performed by middle school children for their peers or younger children. High schoolers have staged it as part of a service project or intra-school outreach. And adults have produced in schools and as an additional ‘bonus’ performance in addition to another children’s show.

However you want to use it is fine with us!

It is royalty-free. Download the script here and print as many as you need.

Oh, yes, and afterward post about it on our FACEBOOK page!