Read This First!

A Typical Event

Mysteries by Moushey are a combination game, party, and theatrical production. A typical event is described below, although a few scripts will vary from it. For example, several scriptshave multiple endings, where the audience “votes” for the guilty party. Any variation from this format is included in the descriptions of those shows.

Prelude to Murder

The evening begins as the audience enters. Actors, in character, will circulate, establish relationships, and stage confrontational scenes — all of which “set up” the mystery that will unfold.

The Dastardly Deed

The next section of the event is basically a one-act play that takes anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour (depending on script). Characters are further developed, clues dropped, and a crime (or two or three!) occurs!

The Clue Hunt

This part of the event is optional – although it is very popular. The clue hunt is also very adaptable, depending on your timeframe and your venue. The search for physical evidence can be as simple as distributing clues to tables or as involved as a madcap search of the premises, or anything in between! (NOTE: Not every Moushey Mystery includes a clue hunt.)

The Solution Scene

Once all clues are discovered, the audience/sleuths offer their solutions to the crime. A solution scene is played (usually including a surprise or two!) The cast is introduced, winners announced, and prizes awarded.

How to Produce a Mystery – With Our Help!

Producing a Moushey Mystery is as easy as reading preview scripts, choosing a show, and completing the form which accompanies that script. Mail or fax the form OR phone in your order to 330-678-3893. Each preview script describes what comes in the Production Package for that script. The Production Package is included in the royalty fee. See pricing here.

First Time Customers receive a Production Manual. Returning Customers may order a replacement copy, if needed. This Manual provides A-Z instructions for producing our mysteries. To see the topics covered in the Production Manual, click here.

PLEASE NOTE: You may not photocopy scripts without permission from us. You must order enough scripts for the actors. Also, there is a royalty fee for each performance. Do not schedule performances without contacting us and making arrangements for payment of royalties. See here for our policies and the legal stuff!

Mysteries as a ‘Regular’ Production

Most people think of interactive mysteries as special events, fundraisers, and dinner theatre. Increasingly, we have groups asking if they can be done as ‘regular’ productions on their season. The answer is a resounding YES. In fact, we’ve written a ‘how to’ primer on that very subject! Read it here.

Community Standards

There is VERY LITTLE in any of our scripts that could not be seen on television. There is no swearing, no “adult” language, no controversial or serious themes. High schools have done all our shows without any difficulty. We gave up trying to figure out what would offend a looong time ago! Our answer is to allow you to make title or line changes, after getting our permission. This permission is readily given, but we must be asked!